8 Reasons to Host Your Event in a Hotel Conference Center

hotel conference center

It’s one of the biggest events of the year—your company conference. It needs to be a success, but how can you ensure it goes off without a hitch—without overwhelming yourself? Planning a conference can be tough, but you can make it much easier by working with a hotel conference center. Instead of spending your time…

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7 Tips for Hosting Corporate Events After the Coronavirus

corporate events after corona

The Coronavirus pandemic hit many businesses hard. Both small and large corporations suffered. If your business is still standing after the pandemic, then now is the time to strike back! Don’t let the virus keep you from continuing to build your business and find success. Corporate events can still take place even during these times.…

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The 5 C’s of Event Management That Everyone Should Know About

Event Management

Event management is one of the most thrilling careers available. The average event planner is a busybody in charge of creating a great experience for attendees. Have you ever thought about going into event management yourself? It is an exciting career choice, but it can also be daunting. You need to make sure you know what…

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12 Expert Tips for Hosting a Successful Virtual Conference

virtual conference

Are you having a difficult time connecting with your target audience right now? Try something new! During a virtual conference, 86 percent of participants report as high or higher levels of engagement compared to face-to-face meetings. Virtual conferences give you the chance to influence, educate, and engage your audience. At the same time, you can forge important business relationships…

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COVID-19 Pandemic & Future Events

covid-19 teleconference

We’re navigating uncharted waters when it comes to life post-COVID-19. Our community is still in the thick of the pandemic with no clear end in sight. We can be sure that this to shall pass and the Midlothian Conference Center will be here for you. During the COVID-19 pandemic—and the subsequent widespread event cancellations—it can…

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Should I Hire a Caterer for My Event?


There’s a reason why the annual rate of food catering services has grown roughly 4.6% in the past five years. These companies make the life of the event planner much easier while providing everyone with great food. While caterers are usually associated with celebration events like weddings, the reality is that the one-day food service…

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10 Tips for Throwing an Awesome Health Fair

health fair

Chronic diseases affect 6 out of 10 adults in the U.S. Four out of 10 deal with at least two chronic diseases. Corporate wellness programs aim to improve employees’ health and well-being. They focus on preventing disease and managing chronic conditions. Improving employee health and well-being can benefit your company. Companies lose an average of…

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