8 Reasons to Host Your Event in a Hotel Conference Center

It’s one of the biggest events of the year—your company conference. It needs to be a success, but how can you ensure it goes off without a hitch—without overwhelming yourself?

Planning a conference can be tough, but you can make it much easier by working with a hotel conference center. Instead of spending your time researching venues, finding caterers, and sorting out audio equipment, let your conference team help you plan everything.

Why should you host your next event at a hotel conference center? Keep reading to find eight top reasons why it’ll improve your next conference.

1. A Hotel Conference Center Offers Professional Support Staff

Running a conference can be much more work than you think. In the lead-up to your event, you’re likely to want a few extra hands to help out.

Luckily, if you’ve booked hotel conference facilities, you’ll have professional support to help you out, ensuring that your event runs as smoothly as possible.

From your dedicated event manager, A/V support, and catering servers, you’ll have all the help you need to manage your event, and you can focus on delivering a quality conference, not on the small details.

2. Clean-Up Is a Breeze

One of the toughest parts of running a large conference in setting everything up and cleaning up when it’s finished. When you book meetings and conferences in a hotel, you’ll arrive for your event and everything will be set up just as you requested.

Then, after the event, simply leave and let the professionals handle the cleaning! This will save you time and let you relax and put your feet up after a stressful event.

3. Catering Is Taken Care Of

If you’re hosting an event on your own, you’ll need to arrange catering. This is a huge task, involving juggling dietary requirements, meal and break times, hiring waitstaff, and cleaning up.

Plus, we know that food is one of the most important elements of any conference, so there’s a lot of pressure to get it right!

The easiest way to manage catering is by booking your conference through a hotel. You can work with your event manager to plan your menu, and they can even recommend some creative catering ideas to help make your event more memorable.

With meal plans, snacks, and even drink packages, you can easily arrange catering for your next event, even on a small budget.

The hotel and conference center will manage serving food, ensuring it’s warm, ready, and waiting, as soon as your attendees walk out of the conference room. No one wants to eat cold food, so let the catering team handle your meals and they are sure to be piping-hot and fresh.

4. Guests Can Stay at the Hotel, Offering Convenience

If your conference attendees are visiting from out of town, they’re going to need somewhere to stay. When you book a conference center with an on-site hotel, it’s easier than ever for your guests.

All they need to do is wake up and head to the conference room! No need to worry about traffic or finding a taxi, or stressing about running late.

This saves your guests time and offers them the ultimate in convenience, something they are sure to appreciate.

5. All the Equipment You Need Is There

When organizing a conference, you’ll need professional-grade A/V equipment to make sure it goes off without a hitch. At a minimum, you’ll need a presentation screen, laptop, microphones, speakers, and HD cameras, if you want to record video.

Instead of trying to rent all of the equipment yourself, book a conference package. It will include everything you need, including staff to help you with IT support during the event.

6. Ample Space for Networking

One of the most important parts of a conference is networking. In-person events are much more effective for networking than phone or video calls, so you want to make sure you have plenty of room for attendees to network and connect.

With a conference center, you’ll have ample space, including rooms, seating, and breakout areas, where guests can organically convene and get to know each other.

7. Conference Packages Can Save Your Company Money

Conferences booked through a hotel can be more affordable than you might think. There are often incentives or discounts for booking your event, plus the cost works out much lower than trying to do it all yourself.

The on-site hotel may offer a lower rate for conference attendees, helping your guests save money.

8. Enjoy Privacy and Security

You want your conference to offer both privacy and security, keeping your guests safe. When you book conference facilities, the space will be reserved just for your group.

This way, you won’t be interrupted and no one from the public will be able to get into your event. Valuables are safe and so is your company’s proprietary information.

Booking a hotel conference room means your event is safe and protected, something every company needs.

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