Autumnal Inspiration: Fall Event Ideas That Celebrate the Season

There is something magical about the autumnal season! Science shows us that people are generally happier during the fall. That is why we want to help you harness that feel-good energy this autumn by showing you the best fall event ideas!

We have put together a list of 10 epic fall company event ideas for you to start planning today. So, grab your favorite fall sweater and curl up with a cup of pumpkin spice coffee and continue reading!

1. Rake Party

The changing leaves of fall are iconic for the season. With that being said, clean-up can make the beautiful falling leaves lose their charm quickly! 

Hosting a rake the leaves party is a fun way to gather friends or co-workers to get together at your home and get some much needed assistance with leaf management! 

Make it worth their while by setting up a warm cider station and snack bar. At the end of the day, when all the leaves have been piled, be the judge on who can deliver the most epic leaf jump out of your group!

2. Corn Maze Fun

Corn mazes are a unique fall event for a company outing. Divide your coworkers into teams and see who can complete the maze in the shortest amount of time. 

This fun challenge will help build teamwork among the staff and aid in problem-solving skills. The best part…you will feel like a kid again getting to enjoy the fall fun!

3. Oktoberfest Excitement

Oktoberfest is a Bavarian tradition dating back to 1810, so it is safe to say they must be doing something right! A fun night of traditional cuisine and tasty beer will build camaraderie with your peers.

Consider doing a build your own Biergarten. Have everyone bring their favorite beers or ciders and set up a tasting area for everyone to sample. This will help open discussion and communication in the most delicious way!

4. Tailgating Cook-Off

Nothing spices up the competition like a good old-fashioned food war. Tailgating is a great way to bring the troops together while enjoying the crisp fall air and of course…football! 

Bringing everyone together for some fun will be a nice break from your standard corporate meeting. Consider creating an incentive that is worth fighting for such as an extra vacation day for whoever makes the best dish!

5. Costume Party

Bring back the fun of Halloween with a costume party! Try making the party have a theme such as back to the ’80s or wild West. As with any costume party, don’t forget to have a prize for the best-dressed guest!

Consider renting a venue for your party to give your guest plenty of room for a dance floor, DJ, and photobooth. Your party will be the autumn event of the season. 

6. Pumpkin Carving Party 

Pumpkins and fall go together like peanut butter and jelly! Get creative with the decorating this season with a few upgrades. 

Rather than sticking to the standard jack-o-lantern carving consider giving your guests options like glow in the dark paint or glitter to make one of a kind pumpkins. For added fun, let the person who carves the best pumpkin take a home a fall-themed prize. 

7. Friendsgiving 

Fall is a season for coming together with friends, family, and community. Friendsgiving is a Thanksgiving celebration just for your friends and co-workers.

Put a sign-up sheet in the break room and have everyone write in which dish they will bring. During the potluck enjoy playing fall-themed games or try a fun activity like fall wreath making. 

8. Wine Tasting Party 

Enjoying a crisp glass of wine in the crisp fall air is the perfect way to celebrate the season. Plan the party for a weekend evening before the weather gets too chilly. Consider building a fire or using outdoor heaters to keep everyone toasty while they enjoy the wine and scenery. 

Involve your guests in the party by encouraging them to take notes on the wines that they enjoy and discussing the different styles with other guests. Be sure to put out plenty of wine-friendly snacks such as cheeses, fruits, and meat platters. 

9. Fall Flag Football Event 

A little competition is healthy among co-workers and friends! Fall and football are the classic autumn combination.

Divide your crew up into teams based on departments such as accountants versus sales. Make the event complete with warm cider and cookies set up for when the game is over. Encourage everyone to invite friends and family for a fun-filled fall day!

10. Apple Picking Party

Take a break from the office and head on a company apple picking party! Have each person sign up for a special dish that they will make with the apples they choose.

Host a party for everyone to bring the dish made from the apple that they selected. Make it interesting by adding a competition for the best apple-themed dish at the party. 

The Best Fall Event Ideas

These top fall event ideas are fun for friends and co-workers alike. Adding a little competition to a party or event is a great way to boost morale and camaraderie among peers. 

Consider doing multiple events through the season such as a party for each month. At the end of the season create a virtual scrapbook for everyone to look back at all the fun photos and memories from the season!

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