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9 Creative Christmas Fair Ideas to Host Your First Christmas Fair

Posts by Diana Younts

How to Plan the Perfect Corporate Event Your Employees Will Love

corporate event

Did you know that highly-engaged employees are 21 percent more profitable to their organizations than their less-engaged counterparts? Or, that employees who feel “listened to” by their company work, 4.6 times harder than their peers? What’s one of the best ways to foster engagement and interaction at your company? Through a corporate event for employees…

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9 Oktoberfest Party Ideas to Make Your Beer Festival a Success

Oktoberfest party ideas

The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810 at a royal wedding in Munich, Germany. They included horse races, and when locals decided to have the races again the following year, a festival was born. Today, numerous people around the world celebrate this time of year with beer, agricultural events, and big parties. If you’re looking…

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How to Organize a Fundraiser: 7 Tips to Remember

how to organize a fundraiser

An average of 72% of charitable donations come from individuals rather than companies. If you’re looking to raise money for your organization, organizing a fundraiser to get individual contributions together is the way to do it. Fundraiser planning isn’t something to take lightly, however. There are many things to consider in order to get everything right.…

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6 Fantastic Tips for Planning a Military Wedding

planning a military wedding

Few things in life are as exciting (and stressful at the same time) as planning a wedding. Things can be even more stressful when planning a military wedding, due to the extra layer of protocols and etiquette to be observed throughout the ceremony. From the invitation formalities, seating arrangements, and displaying the national flag, it’s…

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The (Real) Life of an Event Planner


More than once a week I hear, “Your job must be so fun, you get to plan parties all day”, or something to that effect. Now let’s be clear, I LOVE my job but it definitely isn’t all fun and games. The Beginning – Large Scale Events I began as an event planner on a…

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