COVID-19 Pandemic & Future Events

We’re navigating uncharted waters when it comes to life post-COVID-19. Our community is still in the thick of the pandemic with no clear end in sight. We can be sure that this to shall pass and the Midlothian Conference Center will be here for you.

During the COVID-19 pandemic—and the subsequent widespread event cancellations—it can be hard for event coordinators to navigate client relationships while remaining sensitive to the hardships many are facing.

1. Sensitivity and empathy.

Everyone is experiencing this type of world-wide pandemic for the first time. It is important to remember that everyone handles stressful situations in a different way and embrace them in whatever way seems helpful. Some clients may need daily email check-ins and some may appreciate a phone call every once in awhile to stay connected. We are all isolated so it is crucial to bring humanity into client relationships and make it more than just about business. A longtime client of mine asked me if I was doing okay, how my family was, and if I needed anything. It was such a genuine gesture and I really appreciated it.

2. Provide guidance, assurance, and knowledge for future events.

When clients are ready to discuss business, we are ready to assist in any way possible. From securing new event dates, helping contact vendors, or completely re-imagining their event. The Midlothian Conference Center staff is excitedly anticipating events starting back up, which means we can’t wait to help with whatever our clients need to make that happen. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are going to be adjusting our cleaning policies to further put clients at ease and protect those working here or attending an event here.

3. Helpful links and ideas.

To further add to our customer experience, it is nice to provide helpful links, articles, and ideas that go with various client’s events. For example, if I come across a great article about how speakers are providing keynote addresses virtually, I would send that to clients who would find that info helpful. I may have a key client that I know has young toddlers, so I may snap a shot of an upcoming ABC Disney Sing Along and let them know. Folks, we are all still human and that includes being a wife/husband, mom/dad, boss/co-worker, client/vendor; and I can guarantee when this is over, those who showed compassion during this time will retain clients and gain business, as well. Ultimately, the goal is not necessarily to ask for business right now—it’s to stay on clients’ radars for when business resumes.

4. Find new ways to keep in touch.

The Midlothian Conference Center isn’t in an urban area so many of our clients may not be used to conducting Zoom meetings or other telecommuting practices. Our staff can provide assistance, as well as, resources. When we are able to hold meetings and events again, we can adapt with our new technology to keep meeting numbers at a minimum by providing spaces that can handle those needs. We just had a $50k audio video upgrade, allowing us to have the resources available for conducting video conference calls and large viewing areas to optimize future meetings.

5. Utilizing larger spaces.

In the direct wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, clients may be searching for larger spaces to hold meetings or events in order to promote social distance and safety of attendees. The Midlothian Conference Center has a large Bluebonnet Ballroom that has over 8,000 square feet of open space. We can create a floor plan that makes guests comfortable and also allows for events to carry on. A new normal is definitely on the horizon and we are here to help navigate that with you.  Our goal is to help clients understand how the world has changed, and to pilot a path forward.

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