How to Throw a Beautiful 50 Year Anniversary Party for Your Parents

A 50 year anniversary is an important milestone for a couple. Given the recent pandemic, this event may be even more special than ever for all family and friends.

Planning a 50 year wedding anniversary celebration requires extra special care and thoughtfulness. In a half-century, a marriage goes through many memorable moments as time progresses and changes.

Whether you are the children who are planning the event or the happy couple, enjoy these 10 tips for making this momentous occasion a meaningful trip back in time and the first step into continued togetherness.

1. Choose A Theme

There are so many iconic figures from 50 years ago that influenced music and fashion. If you choose to host a costume party, here are some favorites from the era to consider.

  • Elvis
  • The Beatles
  • The Temptations
  • The Archies
  • Stevie Wonder
  • The Rolling Stones
  • The Jackson-5
  • Sony and Cher
  • Elton John
  • CCR
  • Walt Disney
  • John Travolta
  • Evel Knievel
  • Clint Eastwood

The ’70s was a great time for Motown Records. There are so many influential artists from the era; it’s hard to list them all. So instead, consider a Motown theme with cues from the music and beautiful fashions and hairstyles.

Disco is a fun theme with multiple ideas for clothing and new dance moves. Although Saturday Night Fever debuts a few years after the wedding, it is an iconic era for the newlyweds.

Disney World opened in 1971. If the couple has been Disney fans, feature a Disney theme that attendees come dressed as favorite characters.

Themes can also be selected from the anniversary couples’ favorite places or activities. You may even consider recreating the original style from their wedding day.

2. Determine Space Needed

Once you have decided on a theme for the anniversary party, you will better understand how much space you will need for various activities. Next, consider a venue that will also feature hotel accommodations for traveling guests.

Keep in mind that you may need a stage area for a live band or guest speakers in addition to tables for dining and a dance area. If you choose a DJ, a stage may not be necessary, but reserve space for equipment.

There should be an area designated for a guest book and gifts. Consider a larger table for the couple and immediate family. You may also want a special table for a cake.

Will you have a bar? Check with the venue about any restrictions. If you have an open bar, save some expense by sending two drink tickets per person in the invitations. Guests will be responsible for paying for any further drinks.

3. Research for Guest List

Over the span of 50 years, a couple will meet many influential people throughout their marriage. But, as the host, you may not be aware of important people that would be a wonderful surprise for the couple to see again.

This is an area where talking with close friends and the extended family of the couple is important. Be particularly sensitive in determining if friends from the past have maintained a happy memory for the couple. If uncertain, opt for not extending an invitation.

4. Personalize Invitations

Invitations that reflect the party’s theme are a great idea, but also consider creating an invitation featuring a photo from the wedding. A collage of favorite wedding photos will also be meaningful for guests who were there and at the anniversary party.

The 50th wedding anniversary is the “Golden” celebration. The 50th anniversary meaning focuses on strength and health for the marriage.

Tastefully incorporate gold embellishments for the invitations and decor. Also, consider adding flowers and gemstones associated with the 50 year anniversary.

5. Create a Timeline Playlist

Take a queue from some of the figures listed in tip number 1 or research the couple’s favorite songs. Then, include the song from their wedding for a recreation of their first dance together.

6. Arrange for Entertainment

During the ’70s, American Bandstand was a favorite dance show. Hire a DJ that would be willing to mimic the style of Dick Clark with announcements of songs and their history.

If music is not the primary source of entertainment, think about other sources that may intrigue the couple and guests. For example, do they enjoy comedy, magic, or theatre?

7. Select Food Favorites

The primary food selection should be focused on the couple. However, keep in mind dietary concerns for guests, too. If there will be a buffet served, place allergen cards in front of items that contain seafood, nuts, or eggs.

Check with your venue to see if food can be catered or if kitchen staff can provide the menu.

8. Mix Up An Anniversary Drink

The couple will very much appreciate a toast. Of course, you can always go traditional with champagne. Yet, a drink that is specifically created and named for the couple will be especially memorable.

9. Let Them Eat Cake

Ideally, recreating the original wedding cake would be a beautiful surprise.

  1. However, you can also create a classic tiered cake with gold-toned frostings and embellishments. Carrying the anniversary party theme to the cake can also be fun.

10. Prioritize Photography

Most importantly, make certain that this occasion is recorded well. It is so easy to get caught up in the excitement that taking photos or videos is forgotten. Designate a guest or hire a professional photographer.

You may also want to incorporate a screen show of photographs of important moments throughout the couple’s lives. Then, have it continuously play silently in the background during the party.

Start Planning the 50 Year Anniversary Party Location Now

The 50 year anniversary party you plan requires thoughtful planning. Like the original wedding, it is an important event that will take time and care.

Start as early as possible to reserve a venue, entertainment, caterers, and working out schedules for guests.

If you will be hosting a 50 year anniversary party in the Dallas area, The Midlothian Conference Center would be honored to provide your venue. We have an onsite hotel and a beautiful ballroom. Contact us for reservation information and services to make this special event a treasure.

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