The (Real) Life of an Event Planner

More than once a week I hear, “Your job must be so fun, you get to plan parties all day”, or something to that effect. Now let’s be clear, I LOVE my job but it definitely isn’t all fun and games.

The Beginning – Large Scale Events

I began as an event planner on a larger, more generic scale, which involved planning events for the entire city I worked for. Event planning on this scale has its benefits. Depending on the type of event or holiday, I would first consider the location for said event. Other factors to consider are target audience, main draw, season, approximate attendance expected, and paid or free event.

Events I have planned include Christmas parades, Family Fun Campout, Boo Bash, July 4th everything (parade, event, concert, fireworks, selling glow products), Daddy Daughter Dance, Mom and Son Campout, Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Concert Series and many others.

All of the above are different but require the same planning fundamentals. As a city event planner, one of the key factors for success is providing family friendly activities such as inflatable zones, carnival games, face painting, etc.

The benefit to these large-scale events is many of the same activities and principles apply for each event, making the planning process a bit easier. Finally, some other crucial factors to consider for large-scale events are security, traffic control, emergency services, food, inclusivity, marketing, entertainment, and timeline.

I spent 8 years planning and executing large citywide special events. I made a slight career change when I accepted the position of Midlothian Conference Center Director, as most of our events are very specialized, unique celebrations. I have a true passion for serving the citizens of whatever community I am in, and now I get to do that in a different way.

To Now – Specialized, Unique Events

Y’all, I have been at the Midlothian Conference Center since 2015 and I have witnessed some truly magical events! From baby showers with thrones, weddings with concert-like performances, and galas that seem like they belong at the Plaza in New York.

Events at Midlothian Conference Center are detailed, beautiful, and fun. Our customers come to us with a plan and we help them make it a reality. The most important factor as an event planner for a unique and specialized event is listening and understanding what the client wants. Our staff works with you from day one to assist in conceptualizing the perfect floorplan with our 3D web-based floor planning software that shows live updates.

We have seen and worked with the best vendors in our area and can make sound recommendations for any special service needed for your event. Our staff also provides a wealth of knowledge from the many events we have hosted, so we typically have a solution for everything! I love seeing an event come to fruition and the excitement from the client.

Back to the life of an event planner…Our days are long, our bodies tired, and our minds exhausted but it is all worth it. It may not be the glamourous career like it is portrayed on TV but the reality is we help people all day and that is our true passion!

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