Got Wedding Venue Questions? Midlothian Conference Center Has Answers

In the beginning, you look at wedding venues that are in romantic places like Paris or the beach – then you see how much destination weddings costs.

So you look closer to home – and closer to airports, so that your loved ones and friends can actually afford to attend.

But that doesn’t mean you have to give up the romance or beauty! There are plenty of indoor and nearby venues that have everything you need.  Have some more wedding venue questions? We’ve got answers below.

What Questions Do You Ask a Wedding Venue?

Your wedding venue is the backdrop for your day. It serves as everything from a reception to a wedding space to a getting ready space, or all three!

Here’s what you should look for:

  • Availability on your wedding date/weekend
  • A ceremony and reception space
  • The right capacity for your guest list
  • A budget-friendly cost
  • A sound system
  • Restrooms
  • A catering service (or the ability to bring in outside catering)
  • Tables, chairs, linens
  • Proximity to you and your guests
  • Ample parking
  • Photo-friendly spaces
  • ETC

The list goes on and on, but a list is only half of it. You really have to fall in love with the space too.

Your Wedding Venue Questions, Answered

Are you ready to learn if our venue is right for you based on the list above? Get those exact questions answered below.

What’s the Availability Like?

It’s still early spring, which means we have a good amount of summer wedding availability still open. We’re talking about the good dates, even Sundays.

As with any venue, the quicker you lock down your date and deposit, the better chance you have of actually finding somewhere with that date free.

We’re located in Midlothian, just south of Dallas, which has a very large population. Come get your date booked before one of the other thousands of to-be-married couples beats you to it.

What Spaces are Available?

At Midlothian, we have one large ballroom that split into two seperate ballrooms. Then there’s also our Chapparal and Wildflower rooms, for smaller affairs.

Let’s start with the Bluebonnet Ballroom.

Bluebonnet I is the smaller of our ballrooms, though it still fits up to 174 people for a reception. There’s space for everything in this room, it sits at a whopping three thousand square feet.

It has a beautifully curved edge stage and neutral colors that go with any color palette. The bathroom is right down the hall and the dressing rooms are around the corner.

The Bluebonnet II

Bluebonnet II is our bigger ballroom space, that sits at 4,800 square feet. That’s bigger than most five bedroom homes!

It has a beautiful high ceiling and can fit up to 250 guests for a large reception.

The Bluebonnets (I&II)

If you have a truly huge party planned, then you can combine the Bluebonnet I and II for a giant room that seats up to 500 people.

The combined space is over 7,000 square feet which is enough for dancing, eating, resting, and then some.


If you’re looking for a smaller but just as gorgeous space the Chaparral Room upstairs fits up to 80 people. It’s still a sizeable room, at 1,300 square feet.


For an even smaller group, the Wildflower Room can fit up to sixty guests, though you can have access to the lounge as part of your (additional) reservation as well.

Is Midlothian Conference Center Affordable?

Absolutely. If you try to rent out something in downtown Dallas, you’ll easily pay five thousand dollars. It doesn’t even cost that to rent out our entire building!

To rent our whole building for the six-hour minimum, it’s around $3,000.

You can check out the costs of the rooms on weekends/weekdays and what the deposits are here.

If you scroll down, you can see the cost for linens, tables, and other such accessories. We have everything from wedding arches, to dance floors, to China settings available to add on to your pricing package.

Do You Cater or Allow Outside Catering?

Yes and yes. We do have a catering service that you can employ for your party, but we don’t force you to stay in-house. Our staff will work with you to select one of our preferred caterers if you would like our assistance.

If you’re having someone come in, you may still rent china and settings from us for your tables.

In fact, you can even hire an in-house bar server, DJ, and security guard for your event. Those are available a la carte or with our wedding package, which is a steal of a price.

Location, Location, Location

Not only are we a short drive to Dallas and two airports, but we also have an on-site hotel. That means you won’t have to get buses or expect your loved ones to rent cars/uber to get you to your wedding site.

Our conference center and combined hotel have plenty of parking for in-town friends.

Photo Venues

We built our conference center specifically for special events like weddings, so you know that there are gorgeous photo opportunities all over the building.

Stair photos? Check! Dressing rooms for getting ready pics? Check! Big windows and natural stone? Check and check!

Get a Personalized Quote

The best thing about our venue (other than . . . okay, everything is great!) is that you can build your perfect package. Don’t need a dance floor but do want cocktail tables? We can make that happen for you.

But we can only give you a quote and answer your wedding venue questions for you if you contact us. Get your personalized quote here.

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