5 Reasons To Book Your School Events At The Midlothian Conference Center

Many schools hold events and functions on their own properties if they have the space to do so. However,  what’s the fun in hosting events on-site?

There are some major advantages in hosting a school event at an off-site location such as the Midlothian Conference Center. Of course, it’s exciting to be able to invite the entire school community to a beautiful convention space. However, that’s not all. Read on for more great reasons to host your function at our conference center.

1. Main Ballroom For School Dances

Forget about trying to transform a gym into a dance hall. Midlothian Conference Center has a gorgeous ballroom that can comfortably fit up to 600 guests.

Whether you’re planning a magical father-daughter dance for younger students or putting on the prom of your students’ dreams, this spacious ballroom will meet your needs. With an open dance floor and a comfortable seating area, our conference center is the ideal venue for memorable fun at any age. We even offer catering options.

Hosting a dance on your school property means you have to hire additional staff to monitor the event. You also have to get creative when fitting hundreds of guests into a space with a limited capacity. This can be a juggling act when you’re doing your best to adhere to fire safety codes.

When you rent out our ballroom, all of the above is taken care of. The best advantage is that you have more room to work with overall.

2. Exhibition Center For Vendor Shows

Does your school hold job fairs?

Job and college fairs are very valuable to high school students. By holding a fair sponsored by your school, you can provide career guidance and support to your entire student body. You can even invite surrounding school districts to participate.

The Midlothian exhibition hall is the ideal space to hold your school’s fair. With a spacious open-floor plan, you can easily set up booths and tables. We provide assistants who can help your guests and vendors with a swift setup.

In addition to career and college fairs, you are welcome to use the exhibition center to host vendor expos. Vendor shows are a boost to the community at large. They are also a great fundraiser for your school.

  • Invite small businesses and local institutions to set up as vendors.
  • Agree on how much of the proceeds will go to your school.
  • Help each vendor get exposure within the community.

A Midlothian vendor show can become an annual source of funds for your school.

3. Catering And Event Coordination

Who coordinates your school events?

Does your administration rely on parent and staff volunteers to plan memorable school functions?

It’s true that a PTO can manage an event for your school, but going that route is not always adviseable. Parents have to work around their busy schedules to do their share in planning the events. Also, not everyone will agree on all the logistics. This can result in a lack-luster event and too much tension for your school.

If you book an event at the Midlothian Conference Center, our on-site event coordinators can guide you through every stage, from plan to execution. Not only can you let your school’s volunteers rest easy, but you don’t have to enlist a cleanup crew to help out once the event is over.

4. Ample Parking Space

How big is the parking lot at your school?

A major source of frustration at school functions is the lack of parking spaces. Sometimes, guests become discouraged from attending if they cannot find a reasonable space to park. More importantly, small parking lots can create unsafe situations.

The Midlothian center boasts ample parking space within our 39 thousand square foot facility. It is accessible for any type of vehicle, and it’s conveniently located. Keep in mind that our entire facility, including our parking lot, is ADA-accessible.

5. Stage Area For Performances

Does your school have a drama or music department?

Creative and artistic outlets are beneficial to your students’ capacity to learn. Whether your student body consists of future Hollywood stars or a first-class choral ensemble, they deserve a worthwhile performance space.

The Midlothian Conference Center features an elegant stage area where your biggest stars are free to shine. More importantly, we offer an open area where you can arrange seating. You are welcome to customize the seating area. Whether your audience prefers traditional theater-style seating or a more communal dining atmosphere, our staff of coordinators is eager to accommodate.

Additional Reasons To Book The Midlothian Conference Center

The above reasons for hosting your school event at our state-of-the-art conference center may get you excited about your next school function.

Still, there are a few more wonderful reasons to put your school’s event in our hands.

Our On-Site Hotel

Did you know that we have an on-site Marriott Courtyard at your disposal?

Though most school events aren’t overnight gatherings, why not expand the possibilities?

You can host an after-prom party for your senior class in one of our event rooms. Then, you can offer to book rooms for those who want to stick around and enjoy the Senior breakfast. Just schedule the breakfast for the next morning.

State Of The Art Technology

Do you need audio/visual services to make your event a success?

At the Midlothian Conference Center, we offer those services on-site. Other state-of-the-art technology at your disposal includes complimentary WiFi.

Small-Town Hospitality

Booking an elegant conference center for your event does not mean you have to deal with a big-city atmosphere. In our small corner of the world, we offer a small-town community feel, where you are most welcome and well-accommodated. During your event in Midlothian, our space is your home. Whatever you and your guests need in order to feel comfortable, we are happy and able to provide.

Are You Ready To Book Your Event?

Is the Midlothian Conference Center the right venue for your upcoming school function?

There’s nothing like ample parking and customizable open areas when planning your schools’ dream event. Give us a call or visit online; the sooner the better. Better yet, feel free to request a proposal today, and let’s start planning together.

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